Mission, Vision, Values, and Promise



We empower and support people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be independent, productive and dignified members of our community.



People with varied abilities living fulfilled lives in our community.



Person Centered: We are committed to customizing our services to help the people we support achieve their personal goals and experience full, productive lives.

Empowerment: We provide people we support and their families with resources and information to help promote self-determination and self-advocacy.

Trust: We provide a transparent environment where the people we support and their families are confident that we are honest, fair and compassionate.

Commitment: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to the people we support and their families in a caring compassionate, and professional manner with complete accountability.

Excellence: We achieve outstanding quality outcomes through leadership, expertise, creativity and continuous improvement.

Respect: We treat people we support and their families with dignity, and help provide guidance in achieving their chosen goals and dreams.

Community: We provide an environment in which people we support and their families are accepted, safe and included.



Only The Arc GLOW is here with you in our communities to provide comprehensive supports and services that offer the peace of mind, guidance and expertise families seek to empower their loved ones with disabilities to navigate the challenges and experience the joys at all stages of life.

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