A Mother’s Plea

Don’t underestimate the positive impact YOU can make!

Cheryl Englert, Arc GLOW Board President is pleading with you to join our collective voice as we are STRONGER TOGETHER! We are reaching out to families, community members, staff and individuals we support to stand up and be counted! “Numbers absolutely make a difference,” Cheryl said. “Your support helps influence decisions made by state legislators and policymakers,” she added. Enrolling in membership means you believe in advocating for important programs and services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, and you stand behind the staff that support them.


Lifelong Advocacy

When Cheryl’s son Matt was born over 40 years ago, she took on a new role as advocate. “I am an advocate for all people with disabilities, because I want everyone to have a better quality of life,” Cheryl said. She takes every opportunity to promote membership, and vital programs and services that families have come to rely on. Sadly, she feels services may be in jeopardy if we sit back and do nothing. “We don’t want the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. The louder the noise, the more power we have. This is important to saving our programs and funding them appropriately,” she said. “I am issuing a plea to everyone, but especially parents and family members,” she said, addressing the misconstrued belief that children and adults with disabilities today are entitled to services.

“We fought hard for what we have today, and need help to continue the fight,” Cheryl urged. Please help us turn up the volume on our advocacy efforts. “Remember, we are STRONGER TOGETHER and numbers absolutely make a difference!”


Wait! There is more to the story…

If you are asking yourself, “Why should I become a member of an agency whose services I do not need?” Think again! While you may not have a loved one that needs our supports or even know of someone who does, Arc GLOW provides valuable programs and services to individuals on the autism spectrum, with Down Syndrome, and other intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. As a community member or business owner, we humbly ask for your support. Not just with your monetary membership; but with your advocacy in reaching our elected representatives. Please let them know how much better we all are when inclusion enriches our lives. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to having you join Arc GLOW.


The Arc New York Legislative Priorities

  • Prioritize people with I/DD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities)

  • Raise Wages for DSPs (Direct Support Professionals)
  • Immunize People with Disabilities & Staff
  • Object to Rate Reductions for Providers
  • Restore the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment)
  • Implement a Moratorium on All I/DD Cuts
  • Target Investments in Workforce Development
  • Yes to Saving Our Services

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