The stories of Walker, a three-year-old boy with autism and Danny, whose story began as a three-year-old, illustrate our critical need to provide lifelong services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. Arc has been here for Danny and we are asking for your support to be here to meet Walker’s future needs.

Life Then

Danny will turn 73 in January.  He began receiving services at Arc GLOW (then GenDdayHab.jpgesee ARC) in 1973 at the age of 24. Before he was 3, Danny was placed in a  developmental center. His siblings didn’t even know they had a brother until meeting him once when he was about 7.  When the family moved south, Danny was left behind.  Reunited with a sister a half century later, she shared “My parents never talked about the details surrounding Danny and their reasons for placing him in an institution.  That’s just what many parents did.  I recall my mother softly crying in the car that day as we drove away.  I am sure they were guilt ridden and ashamed.”   

As a young man, Danny didn’t let cerebral palsy and a hearing loss stop him from making up for over two decades lost in a developmental center. He lived independently for over 35 years and was a key member of the Arc cleaning crew.  Today, as a senior,  Danny lives in an Arc supervised residence in the community of Oakfield and attends the Arc Day Habilitation Center in Elba where staff members find his humor very entertaining, and are amazed at his ability to predict the outcome of professional sporting events. He is a diehard New York Yankees fan. 
Arc GLOW is proud of the diļ¬€erence we have made for Danny, but we often wonder what his life would be like if he was born a few decades later and received intensive early intervention services offering support to grow up with his family. 


Meet Walker!  This energetic preschooler lives in Perry with his parents, Lacey and Brian, and older brother, Slevin and attends Arc GLOW’s KidStart in Mount Morris, just like his brother did! Walker has an adventurous spirit, loves nature and running around on the playground.  

Discovering KidStartWKidStart.jpg

As working parents, Lacey and Brian’s children were enrolled in a family day 
care.  When it had to close, they were told, “You need to call KidStart.” As a special 
services preschool, Arc GLOW’s KidStart is also home to early intervention, evaluation  
services and Head Start.  Mom Lacey shared, “I truly thought we were going to just  
another day care.  I had no idea what we were walking into.  It’s like everyone around 
me knew, but I didn’t see the signs, because I wasn’t familiar with what they were.”  Walker, now 3, was diag-nosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and is also non-verbal. 
Because of education and training provided to parents at KidStart, Mom and Dad now have the tools  to support what’s shared in the classroom and in one-on-one therapies. Stephanie Metz, Vice President of Children’s Services at Arc GLOW, commends Lacey and Brian, saying, “I have watched Lacey and Brian grow alongside both of their children, advocating for the supports that are needed.”   


Concerned loved ones are responsible for creating what today is Arc GLOW. The needs of those we serve are many, and your unfailing support over the past several decades has truly been a gift. During our 2021 Annual Appeal, Arc GLOW is reaching out to you for your generous support.
Thank you in advance for considering a gift benefitting Walker, Danny and the many others who depend on Arc GLOW services.
Donations can be made online through our donation portal or they can be mailed to
18 Main Street 
Mount Morris, NY 14510
(If donating through online portal, please designate as annual appeal in comment section.) 

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