Dedicating an IRA in Honor of Cheryl Englert: A Letter from Martin Miskell, Executive Director.

Dear Friends, Family, and Arc Supporters,

I am writing to you to tell you about an amazing ceremony we were able to have on June 29th, honoring someone very special to our organization, Cheryl Englert. Cheryl has been involved with the organization for over 40 years and has served in many different facets, most recently as our board president. If you know Cheryl, you know about her passion for helping others especially those with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. If you don’t know Cheryl, stay around her for more than two minutes and her passion comes to the forefront.

Cheryl, a special education teacher, first became involved with our organization when her son, Matthew, was attending KidStart. She would help bring other students with intellectual and/or developmental to preschool to receive needed services.

Cheryl has braved blizzards to advocate for our organization, attended birthday parties for individuals who may not have family around, and is willing to speak to anyone and everyone who would listen about how important these services are for those in our community.

I along with, our Director of Residential Services, Deb Tuckerman, were honored to dedicate our Center Street IRA to Cheryl Englert. The legacy of her hard work and dedication to individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, and their families, will continue to live on through each individual that lives in the home which will allow them to be warm, safe, and live fulfilling lives.

Over my last 19 years of knowing Cheryl, she has become a bigger advocate for ALL individuals with IDD at the local, state, and national levels. I personally appreciate her support and guidance in helping the agency to provide the best quality and meaningful services possible for the Arc of Livingston-Wyoming.

As we proudly honor Cheryl today, we hope we can each be a little bit more like her. Listen a little more, be a little more patient, and love a little bit more.

Thank you for being a voice for those who may not be able to use theirs. Thank you for being a consistent support system for those who may not have one. Thank you for your dedication to our organization.


Your Friend,

Martin Miskell

Executive Director

Arc of Livingston-Wyoming

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