Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE)

You don’t have to take the first step in starting your career alone. 

For individuals impacted by a mental health diagnosis, the best approach to gaining workforce skills may be through group activities and community exposure. ACE, an Office of Mental Health (OMH) employment program, helps individuals gain important skills and social contacts through volunteer activities. Our trained staff works directly with individuals to understand their needs and goals. Once the program is completed, individuals will have the confidence and skill set to begin a fulfilling career journey.


Who Qualifies For ACE?

Any adult in the Livingston or Wyoming County area with a mental health diagnosis that is actively attending mental health counseling and struggles with the idea of work. 


Testimonials From Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE) Workers

“The ACE program provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the workforce and feel a sense of pride in themselves because of their accomplishments.”  Lisa Hewitt, community mental health nurse

“The ACE program gives an opportunity for all people to better themselves in the working community.”  Mary Goodenow, family care provider


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