Open Roads Day Habilitation (Seniors)

Open Roads Day Habilitation is a productive and meaningful retirement option for older people who no longer desire to work. Our program provides older individuals with disabilities an opportunity to participate in leisure activities such as community outings, physical activities, crafts and more.

Open Roads is a sister program to Uptown Day Habilitation. Both Uptown and Open Roads programs provide assistance in improving the skills needed to perform daily activities away from home. 

Additionally, both programs focus on giving back to the community through volunteerism and participation in local community opportunities. Since 2012, Arc GLOW has staffed up to 780 volunteers and offered 5,300 total work hours through the Open Roads program. Additionally, Arc received a 2016 Partnership Award for the program’s efforts. Jobs offered include grounds work, baking, event promotion and more.

Our Day Habilitation programs have supported these partners:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers at the Mt. Morris Dam

  • Livingston County Nursing and Rehabilitation

  • Letchworth Central School Backpack Program

  • Arc Events

  • Springwater Fire Department for Fireman Appreciation

  • Mt. Morris Police Appreciation

  • Geneseo United Methodist Church

  • Batavia Holland Land Office Museum

  • Steuben Arc Pen Pal Letters

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Baskets

Partner Spotlight: Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area

“While learning and enhancing life and career skills, Arc volunteer efforts have truly enriched the experience of tens of thousands of visitors who recreate here each year by helping to provide a safe, clean, family-friendly recreational environment.”  Steve Winslow, manager at the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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