Supported Employment

Having a job in the community is a goal of many adults with disabilities. Arc GLOW makes this possible for many of our clients by providing job placement and coaching services. Through our Supported Employment Program, we identify the support needed to assist individuals with learning, maintaining, and enhancing job performance. Our job coaches will also follow up with the employer to make sure expectations are met.

Our many Supported Employment success stories include placements as restaurant employees, custodians, stock clerks, and manufacturing positions. We partner with many businesses in our region to help provide the widest array of career opportunities for the people we serve.


Testimonials From Supported Employment Workers

“I like the challenge of my job, and trying to meet the needs of what has to be done, trying to improve each time. I have a pickiness about cleaning, and want the places that I clean to look like a five-star hotel.” — David France

“I love my job, and I take a lot of pride in it. My specialty is janitorial work, and I get a lot of compliments on my work. I have a job coach, and their support is important, but I mostly work independently. If I didn’t do this work, then the work wouldn’t get done. The skills that I’ve learned in Supported Employment have helped me be more independent in my non-work life, where I just moved into my own apartment. ”  Kim Dieter


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